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Our Story

Most women go through the rigmarole of wanting to wear something unique everyday. The need for exclusivity and the desire to own something new everytime led us to create Enakshi.

“Enakshi” the word means “the deer-eyed woman”. At Enakshi, we passionately believe that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. This is the same emotion that we bring to our designs. Our customers love preserving tradition and culture, and infusing them with elements of modernity.

With a firm belief in the versatility of Indian fabrics along with enriching contemporary cuts, we strive to give a unique definition to the modern clothing with our exclusive ethno-contemporary collections.

What you should know about us

We work on the principle of “One Woman. One Garment. One Design”.

Our Founders

Enakshi has been founded by Nilay Shah, who has over 20 years experience in the clothing business. His customer’s need to find something “unique” to wear powered Nilay and his son Maharsh to come up with ideas to fulfill this perennial customer need. Maharsh also roped in his friend, Namya Patel to help him mould his vision into reality. The result was “Enakshi”, the brand, launched under the company name of “Nimana Fashions.”

“When you are really passionate about an Idea, you don’t even struggle to find time. You always find ways to get the things done.”

20-year-old Maharsh Shah co-founded Enakshi while also pursuing his graduation. With both his parents owning their own fashion labels in Gujarat and a family legacy of 75 years in the industry; Maharsh too has always been intrigued by the fashion sector and is currently the fourth generation in his family’s label, Deepkala boutiques.

Fuelled with the dreams of his father and having acquired his business acumen, Maharsh conceptualised Enakshi in 2016 to take his family legacy a step further. He later roped in Namya Patel in 2018 to take Enakshi’s story forward.

“I don’t believe in being a follower of trends, instead a creator of trends, for the same reason I think Enakshi is so close to me .”

Namya Patel, the 22-year-old co-founder of Enakshi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications and a Specialisation in Film from Goldsmiths, University of London. She comes from a family of business people, with her father into real estate business and maternal grandparents in the education industry.

Namya has always fancied the fashion industry and her inclination towards fashion drove her to co-found a brand as unique as Enakshi. “What i wear is a reflection of my personality that's why it is so important for me that is it unique.” This is the rigour that Namya brings to Enakshi while deciding which designs and collections to introduce.

Mission and Vision

At Enakshi, We Celebrate Every Emotion Of Modernity In Traditional Outfits

Women today love preserving traditions and culture while simultaneously embracing the contemporary. We strive to add a new seasoning to the daily etho-contemporary wear that defines the modern women. We deliver styles that are as unique as its customers. All this, so that every woman who wears Enakshi can write her Own Fashion Story. With fresh ideas and an enthusiastic approach, we consistently work hard to provide a unique shopping experience to our customers.